Wilder Textured Snow!

Adam Wilder effects snow textured earth tutorial

Wilder Textured Snow is a quick way to enhance the look of your winter replica.


Apply Textured Snow using an old paintbrush straight from the bottle.


Textured Snow is an acrylic product that can be thinned with tap water.


Applying diluted amounts around the edges of built up areas will give mounds of snow more of a natural looking appearance.


In the real world snow that has accumulated onto moving vehicles becomes dirty.


Simply brush on some pigments from the bottle randomly over the snow and blend them using a bit of enamel thinner.


Depending on the time of year you might want to add some gloss varnish over the snow in order to make it look slushier such as in during the spring for example.


Remember to keep the amounts of Textured Snow random like on these road wheels in order to make the scale model look more authentic and interesting.

Products used in this tutorial: SN01 - Textured Snow 

TN01 - Wilder Thinner

GP08 - Dry European Mud

GP06 - Brown Russian Earth

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