Wilder German Factory Markings

Adam Wilder dry transfers german factory markings tutorial

Here is a little article that I did for Facebook. I hope that this short tutorial will answer the questions that I have received as to how I applied the chalk marks on some of my work. These dry transfers entitled, “WWII Factory Markings” will help you to create authentic looking fabricator markings on paper panzers and other unpainted German vehicles and components.
The factory chalk markings come as dry transfers produced by Wilder.
They were used to make the chalk markings on this E-50.
Let’s look at an example as to how they where weathered. I applied a few of the dry transfers to this piece of sheet plastic containing a red oxide coat mixed from Tamiya paint.
I added some cotes of speckling over the transfers using an enamel that closely matches the read oxide tone.
You can add more white areas over the markings using white acrylics to make the wear of the chalk look more random.
Worn chalk dust on and around the markings can easily be simulated using white pigments.

Here is the E-50 after the preceding steps are finished.

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