Wilder Nitroline Filters

Adam Wilder filters nitroline tutorial

Filters are layers of thin paint that can be used to alter the tone of a base coat, subtly blend colors in a camouflage or create different shades making contrast amongst various surfaces. In this example we will apply a filter to darken the green base coat on this T-34 while subtly blending it with the camouflage.



First stir the pigments settled on the bottom of the jar, then screw the cover back on and shake it well.



Thin the filter a bit using enamel thinner as I did in this example if you want to have it less opaque.



After dipping the brush into the filter wipe the excess away onto a piece of paper. You want the brush to be damp when applying the filter and not soaked.



The pooled areas of green on the mantlet are a result of applying the filter while the brush was too damp resulting in a wash.



 If this happens simply brush the excess filter away and then remove the surplus areas of the mix.



This E-50 is a good example of how different colored filters applied to various plates and details can help to create subtle contrast amongst the parts of a replica.

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