Weathering tracks with Wilder products

Adam Wilder gunpowder line nitroline pigment quick rust tracks tutorial

Tracks are important details that need the same attention as the rest of an AFV model does. In this article we are going to add different earth tones and textures to make these important parts look real.


To start the tracks were hastily dipped into a small tub of Quick Rust in order to oxidize the surfaces giving them a brown rusty tone. Use an old toothbrush to force the solution into the corners where air bubbles might get trapped.


A light random acrylic dust tone was airbrushed over the tracks after the quick Rust solution dried.


Different colored earth pigments where applied by brush then blended using thinner.


I mixed an earth tone using acrylic paints. Pigments, plaster and sifted sand were added for texture.


I painted the slurry onto the tracks using the speckling technique.


You might want to remove any larger unrealistic clumps with a sharp object such as a toothpick.


I added some Brown Russian Earth pigments and gloss varnish to the Dark Street Dirt effect and applied the murky satin tone using speckling.


Next I brushed larger random amounts of the dark earth tone onto the tracks then blended it using thinner.


I sanded away the paint from the outer sides of the track exposing the metal cleats.


I made the worn areas on the inner sides using a big pencil then blended the marks using a rubber tipped artist sharpener.


An oil gloss varnish was also randomly applied by brush and with speckling to add wet areas.

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