Painting and weathering the Whippet - Chapter 6 - Tracks

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Tracks play a very important role in each armored model. This importance is doubled if we’re painting a subject with exposed track runs such as this one. The good thing is the upcoming steps are very much the same as on any other tank


I started by airbrushing the track runs with dark grey acrylic paint that represents metal surface. Much of this won’t be visible, so a simple grey uniform coat will do the work just fine.

WW1 tanks had their large flat track links polished to an extreme shine. I’ve read somewhere that the British placed camouflage netting over their tanks in order to conceal this shine from the sight of enemy aircraft pilots. To replicate this effect I dry brushed a silver lacquer paint over the entire track. This is again just a base coat, I’ll create the final shine later.

Small amounts of Textured Earth were placed onto each link. Be patient and apply it to each link separately. Otherwise, we’d risk the fragile plastic track falling apart. Don’t forget to work in small sections and blend the edges with water.

Now I covered most of the track surfaces with Dry Earth from the Aqua Line. This provides a good opaque matt layer of dry mud.

Random spots of darker mud were brushed on the links while keeping some of the dry earth visible. Note that I’m using the same tones as on the rest of the tank so the tracks won’t look out of place.

The effect was blended with very small amounts of enamel thinner. Be extra careful as enamel thinners can soften the plastic causing the plastic tracks to fall apart.

More mud was speckled all over the tracks to add further random weathering.

As I covered too much of the shiny cleats, I had to sand them down just a tiny bit with a fine sanding sponge.

The silver paint was reapplied with a smaller brush.

For creating the final weathering effect I used the Murky Water straight from the bottle.

I applied the water effect after the tracks were placed on the model. The edges of the effect were blended again.


Tomorrow is going to be the final chapter of this series! We’ll move onto the finishing touches and there will be also a full gallery of the finished model.


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