Light Rust Effects with Nitroline products

Adam Wilder effects light nitroline rust tutorial

Enamel effects from the Nitroline are a very good way to add rust tones enhancing your chipping effects.


For this example we will use the four rust effects, thinner and two old brushes seen in this photo. A palette is also convenient for thinning the effects and mixing them together to obtain additional rust tones.


Let’s add the rust tones to the chipping effects on the rear plate of this T-34. Both the base coat and paint chips have been applied using acrylic paints. Nitroline effects are enamel products therefore it is best to use them over acrylics when possible.


Paint the rust tones onto the larger chips using a fine brush. You do not need to add rust over all of the chips and scrapes.


Use the same bush dampened with thinner to subtly blend the rust effects in place.


Dark Rust Effects can also create authentic looking rust runs.


Speckling Effects are a great way to subtly enhance rust tones. Dip a stiff-bristled brush into the effect then wipe most of the paint from the brush onto a piece of paper.


Next, carefully flick small amounts of the effect onto the model. Hold the brush about six to ten inches away. If you feel that this effect has been overdone simply blend it using a brush dampened with enamel thinner.


Chipping effects play a very important role in obtaining an authentic looking finish. Nitroline products can reduce the time needed for this tedious step allowing you to produce a professional looking scale model.


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